Американска гимнастичарка се соблече угул гола (ФОТО)

Гимнастичарката на универзитетот во УЦЛА, Кејтлин Охаши, се прослави на почетокот на оваа година, кога воодушеви со своите атрактивни перформанси и импресивни вештини.

Како и да е, таа сега го остави спортскиот свет во шок откако реши да се соблече како од мајка родена. Таа позираше за списанието „ЕСПН“ , које е познато по објавувањето на провокативни фотографии на познати личности од спортскиот свет.

Исто така Охаши истакна дека не би имала ништо против да се соблече и на големите натпреварувања.


“a line of dots following a pattern but one stands out, it’s clearly an outlier that’s direction needs to reroute. alienated and put to the side in order to not be seen, studied through a screen, thinking that maybe if we can match a name to it, we’ll all suddenly become immune like any vaccine. experiencing anything that isn’t explained or doesn’t belong to the majority will make you alone, and anyone who wants to stay “normal” will hide in order to not be shown. the outlying dots were marked on my skin, to remind me that being different is no longer sin. these marks are the reminders of everyone fighting around. the ones that are no longer seen because they were cast down. the ones that aren’t lost just never wanted to be found. and the ones that just needed someone else to make a sound. multiple mediums where too many negative energies can surface. as if not commenting the hurtful message would somehow be doing a disservice. each time my skin sheds away making more room to grow. not to make room for anyone else but to let my own true colors show. proud of who i am and what my body reveals, no longer am i concerned about who it appeals. too thin, too fat, but it’s not anyone else’s job to decide all that. having a voice loud enough blocks everyone else out, but when there’s that lingering doubt every compliment received will go unnoticed like a drought. amour de soi is the only natural form of self love. once that’s reached, nothing will rise above. we weren’t meant to have it all, but make the best out of what we have every single day. i’m proud of my body and all its imperfections, that’s all i have to say.” ~ katelyn ohashi. @espn #espnbodyissue2019 photographer: @danascruggs 😍

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